“The March Kings are coming, ready your wares”

August 3, 2006

Last night I dreamt of four sparrows devouring a fifth.

They were arrayed in a rough circle surrounding the fifths open stomach; as I watched they ate for a few moments then, in a quartet of creepy high pitched voices, turned to me and intoned “The march Kings are coming, ready your wares”. Now I don’t know any March Kings, and to be honest I don’t have much of an entrepreneurial spirit, but these Sparrows didn’t seem the type to fuck around so I am going to have to interpret this as the direst sort of portent.

Exactly what dark tiding my dream was premonating I cannot say for certain, but a little deductive reasoning should be able to narrow it down somewhat. Figure foreign wars and climatologically disaster are ruled right out on the grounds that any vision I have has to be more interestig than something covered by Anderson Cooper. Based on the imagery I would say a majority within
North America (as the sparrow embodies domesticity to me) will violently turn on a unpopular minority, attempting to consume/absorb them, at the behest of some hidden corporate cabal.

Perhaps I should have mentioned this before now but I possess vast, vast, mysteriously unverifiable, psychic powers; so premonitions of this sort are not unheard of. Just two days before the world trade center dealie I had a dream where I was pushing shopping carts full of pumpkins off an overpass onto passing sports cars. I am still haunted by my failure to act on such clear warning. In the coming day I will harness my gift to intuit the signs and omens abounding, that I might better prepare myself, and all of you, for the great battle to come. I generally avoid interfering in the business of dark forces but this intrusion into my dream realm is unacceptable, and must be answered in kind.

A.J. Valliant


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