Haiku Contest

September 13, 2006


I have come to realize that much of the pain in the world is cause by insufficient Haiku.

I seek to remedy it thuswise:

Traditional (5-7-5)

Write a Haiku jerk
Would you have me look a fool
I will destroy you

Alternately you can write a Beats Entropy-style Haiku:

Three verses of 7-5-7 that tell a loose story. Punctuation optional. Spelling and grammar optional.

Who has stolen my old life?
I commend you sir.
Were you not my dead brother!


Let us ride this giant bee
She thinks us her queen
Tomorrow there shall be war


The worker grows suspicious
Stings us twenty times
The war is surely lost now


You are encouraged to add your own.

The best one will receive a fabulous mystery prize.



14 Responses to “Haiku Contest”

  1. K-Fed Says:

    But why do you forsake me,
    Justin Timberlake?
    Is it because of Brittney?

  2. K-Fed Says:

    Peanut Butter Jelly Time
    Why do they mock me?
    Peanut Butter Jelly Time

  3. Moira Meeper Says:

    is there a contest deadline?

    Tabled, my ointment

    How you itch my angry rash

    That dirty bastard!


  4. JiFF Says:

    I friggen hate the haiku
    It once killed my friend
    I shall get my revenge soon

    It may try to run from me
    It thinks it can hide
    But I am too smart for it

    i will play with it a while
    i will let it think
    i have lowered my resolve

    I shall plan and plot its doom
    I will hunt it down
    it shall not be safe from me
    Scared of the mystery prize I am
    it will hurt no doubt
    My Bet : a turkey sandwich!

  5. JiFF Says:

    Gaw, i messed up the last one.

    Let me try it again.

    Afraid of the Mystery Prize
    It will hurt no Doubt!
    my Bet: A turkey Sandwich.

    I’ve angered the Haiku god
    for my shoddy work
    it will hurt me for sure now.

    I should avoid open skies
    i am surely dead
    no one can hide from the beat

    or from the beatings. in fact
    I am long over due
    for a swift and painful hurt

    please have mercy HaiKu
    I am but a man
    with terrible Poetry

  6. “is there a contest deadline?”

    The contest will end
    when beauty falls from the world
    or monday morning

  7. untao Says:

    a dashing young valliant
    once upon a time
    fell prey to a pair of pants

    you’d think it impossible
    to be trapped in pants
    but they were stuck on his head

    turns out when you pull too hard
    pants can choke a man
    and scissors will be needed.

  8. Frambojan Says:

    You have pants maybe
    I take them to get clean yes
    Frambojan is sly

  9. The Kenji Says:

    AJ’s pants- the fantasy
    That slaps me silly
    Please, someone break the cycle

  10. Tony s. Says:

    Room Room Rev Meep Clank
    I make love to my moped
    Go dirty scooter

  11. thekenji Says:

    Unh, unh, whut whut, west-saiiiiiddd-de
    Fo’ shizz-zzz-zzz-zle
    oooooh kaaaaaaayyye!!! whuuu-uuu-uuu-uuu-ttt!!!

  12. Dr. Entropic Says:

    If I could forget
    Something I can’t remember
    That would be tight

  13. I’m not impressed
    He just hangs around all day
    Lazy Messiah

  14. A.J. Saki Says:

    Staring outwardly,
    fighting an urge, pregnant pause,
    “Ha, Haiku!” Bless you.

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