Search Term Report

September 15, 2006

People find our blog by the weirdest searches.

  • where has my soft palate gone
  • pictures of angels with wings torn off
  • worm entropy
  • Jesus’ initiative
  • hollowed eyes dark cartoons
  • get the pigeot

And sometimes by very telling searches

  • guide to being witty
  • monologue captive
  • the greatest committed crime
  • it fucked me up
  • writing unnecessary words
  • unnecessary words
  • Nefarious in a sentence
  • nsfw reviews
  • why girls act like a badass
  • “not in front of my” “son”
  • sociopolitical implications
  • what do anger me
  • Self Deprecate
  • words that mean horrible
  • positive conotation words
  • monologue captive

Can we report these people to the police?

  • sadism fuck
  • shaggy and fred fucking
  • Smurf Cosplay
  • centaurs fucking
  • sick bitchs
    • — Yes, yes you are.

2 Responses to “Search Term Report”

  1. “get the pigeot”

    See, everybody hates that fucker.

    “not in front of my son”

    Top google pick for it.
    We will lure in a good crowd with that one.

  2. engtech Says:

    You think you guys have it bad?

    //engtech is result #5 on Google for “hentai child”.

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