I’m taking a walk; contest winners will be calculated

September 18, 2006


 I woke up wrestling with someone else’s conscience this morning; exhausted by old dreams and old wounds I can’t say I gave much of an accounting of myself. In the wake of this conflict I’ve discovered a snarling, seething, irritable fellow, prone to persecution delusions and run on sentences.

  I’ve tried all the usual half measures to remedy: brooding, glaring, ruminating, it seems the bile is sunk a little deeper than I thought. I suppose I’m going to have to drag my twitching, teeth baring, contentious self out for long walk to improve my humor. Engtech will be in charge of the store while I’m out, so you kids play nice and maybe I’ll bring a treat for you when I get back.  


7 Responses to “I’m taking a walk; contest winners will be calculated”

  1. engtech Says:

    If the treat is a roll of quarters in his pocket, just say no.

  2. Red Irish Lord Says:

    Just keeping brooding and glaring, never done me no harm.

  3. JiFF Says:

    I hope it’s pie.

    I’d wish for punch and pie, but I know AJ too well…

  4. NotMike Says:

    I’d rather take the roll of quarters from his pocket than his fist. Wake up him up in the middle of the night and yell about how you’ve come to take his children, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  5. The funniest part of the story: he actually had come to take my children.
    It was so sporting of his to wake me first I let him have the ugly one as a consolation prize.

  6. David Kehoe Says:

    So who won the Contest?

  7. David Kehoe Says:

    Who won the goddamn contest!

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