Passive Depressive #1

September 27, 2006

Starting today, every Wednesday will feature a regular Beats Entropy comic! We hope you enjoy!

(You may have to resize your browser window to see the whole comic properly).

Passive Depressive title

Passive Depressive 1

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Copyright 2006 Kenji Toyooka and Phil Steinersen

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13 Responses to “Passive Depressive #1”

  1. Sergey Says:

    lol … noice … :}

  2. engtech Says:

    I want to work for a company that builds a device like that.

  3. jaybird Says:

    I’ve got a stud finder that works the same way.

  4. sabratoothtiger Says:

    Lol! Nice :) I like the final square. Good closing!

  5. Leonard Nimoy Says:

    I hereby order you to cease and desist all cartoonish mis-representations of my person. This unauthorized characterization will lead to conflageration likely to cause you catastrophic consternation. You dig?

    Besides, I’d never invent something so trivial… Vulcan mind-meld, bitches!

  6. Bruce Lee (from heaven) Says:

    A shut up Nimoy.

    Don’t make me bury my fist up your ‘vulcan’ ass.

    The comic clearly depicts the character wearing my signature kung-fu wife beater!


  7. Thank god those things aren’t real, my happy facade continues another day.

    Excellent comic guys, it turned out really well.

  8. Leonard Nimoy Says:

    “A shut up Nimoy.”

    just like an immigrant…can’t even bother to learn proper sentence structure.

  9. Bruce Lee (from heaven) Says:

    Oh Nimoy – now you’ve gone and done it.

    *takes out his numchuku*

  10. Bruce Lee (in Hell) Says:

    Oh gimme a fucking break! I didn’t even hit him…. yet.

    *shakes numchuku at God from burning lake*

  11. jaybird Says:

    Panel 1:
    (Leo tinkering)

    Panel 2:
    Denny: Hey Leo. Watcha up to?

    Panel 3:
    Leo: Hi Denny. I’ve just finished my newest invention: a Crying-on-the-Insite (C.O.T.I.) meter. It sees past peoples’ outer facades and detects their hidden pain and suffering. Essentially it depicts through repetitive auto tone- or “beeping”- how much the people are crying… on the inside.

    Panel 4:
    Denny: dude… that’s ridiculous. There is no way that thing can detect how…

    Panel 5:
    Denny: I don’t need to listen to this crapBEEP. Your dumb machBEEPe doesBEEPn’t knowBEEPanythingBEEP BEEP.

    Panel 6:
    Denny: YouBEEPcanBEEPme. Your machine doesn’t know me. I BEEPn’t have to BEEP take thisBEEP. Nobody knowBEEPs me. God I am soBEEP alone. FuckBEEP.PBEEP fuck BEEP it can’t BEEP know me!

    Panel 7:
    Denny: I… I think the phone’s ringing or something.

    Panel 8:
    Girl: So basically you “invented” a machine that beeps when you press a button?
    Leo: Pretty much.

  12. I wish I cared enough to invent things…

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