For you who are fantasizing about the icthyian me

October 6, 2006

I have noticed, much to my curiosity, that while I’m browsing the search terms used to find our site, there occasionally pops up the term “kenji fish”. (To see the first Kenji Fish article, go here)

Now I don’t want to seem megalomaniacal but I can’t imagine why anyone would search that term unless they were specifically looking for an image of me in my 2005 Halloween costume of an angler fish to satisfy their primal, voyeuristic trans-species fetish of me.

So without further ado, jerk off to these babies my friend.

Kenji fish, front view with gaping mouth


Kenji fish – gang bang by Mr Clean, a Carrollean Rabbit, the Village People construction worker, and a simian

Oh wait, that’s what I’m jerking off to.


7 Responses to “For you who are fantasizing about the icthyian me”

  1. jaybird Says:

    That’s AJ and Bella Slasher with the bottoms traded, isn’t it?

    You’re a sick man, Mr. Kenji Fish.


    We should do a collect post of “funny AJ pictures”. We must have thousands.

  2. Esmerelda Sconeflinger Says:

    Bella Slasher, you are sexy in those slacks.

  3. In a cruel twist of fate Jesse and I look better in each others clothing than we do in our own.

  4. Esmerelda Sconeflinger Says:

    It’s true, you look good in miniskirts…but not with the black socks, too.

  5. That’s my trademark baby!
    Well that and having one pant leg half tucked into my black sock.

  6. ok, this is like the 3rd time AJ has been caught on film wearing my clothes :P

  7. seekr Says:

    classic :)

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