Letter Day 6: Better Late Than Never

October 18, 2006

While I don’t usually talk about the intimate details of my personal life on Beats Entropy, I feel the need to explain why Letter Day is so late. Due to a situation I cannot discuss in detail, I have been charged with the murder of my Uncle Theo. Hopefully once all the facts come out this situation will resolve it’s self, until then it’s back to business as usually and lettery goodness.

Hey that Icecreamgangsigns chick is a sweet double scoop of strawberry ripple.

I can tell she digs my flow so, I think I going to get to know her a little better.

I’ll send you invitations to the wedding.

David Kehoe.

It’s funny you should mention that Dave, because I was just thinking how it’s been years since I have had teeth surgical removed from my knees, or stomped a man so bad he shat blood for months. Just one of those crazy coincidences I guess; hey maybe I’ll see you around town and we can wax all nostalgic together.

for AJ:

http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2006/10/16/caffeine-abuse.html, http://www.cbc.ca/cp/Oddities/061016/K101606U.html

hmm, I actually have nothing to ask Dr. Entropic.

Esmeralda Sconeflinger

To sum up for the rest of you folks, Esmeralda sent me link in regards to danger of caffeine pills.

It’s fairly germane, since I have been developing somewhat of caffeine addiction of late, but really fairly insignificant when compared to my lifelong love affair with crystal meth. That’s right folks, I’m a tweaker; dirty ol’ Meth Jesus has been living in my ice palace for many a year now, and man does he give the sweetest back rubs. Whatever, you folks got no to cause to judge, I go to work, I take care of my kids… I just don’t sleep…ever.

Yo AJ,

How come you don’t come round the hood no mo’?

People talking like you gone soft, just saying is all.

Mister Mxyzptlk

Well maybe people ought to shut there mouths before I remind them just how I got the big chair in the “League of Villains” Hall. Just because I quit the life, don’t mean I lost the skills. And tell Zod to lose the beard, it doesn’t make him seem sophiscated, it just makes him look old.

Hey, that latest “Cartoons the confused and angered you” sucked ass. You are losing your edge Valliant.

David Kehoe

Yeah, it did kinda suck. That’s what I get for forcing it to make a deadline.

What with the “badass” new image you are trying to project in today’s letter page?

Man you are totally losing you edge.

Ray Durham

Look, I told you guys I am under a lot of pressure, and this site is more work than you think. Plus I’ve been trying to improve on my more serious writing, also Felica sank into the floor the other day and Rob and I and have been trying to build a rig to haul her out.

You don’t even have an Uncle Theo, why do you feel the need to lie all the time?

Ray Durham

Why you squealing son of bitch, how dare you disrupt Beats Entropy feature with wild accusations. This Letter Day is OVER.

Well, not quite over as Dr. Entropic (the smart one out of this bunch of losers) has something to add! If you want a photo to show up in our sidebar over here, add the tag “beatsentropy” to it. I may take a bit of time.


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