Passive Depressive #4

October 18, 2006

Passive Depressive is a new Beats Entropy comic that is updated every Wednesday.


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Copyright 2006 Kenji Toyooka and Phil Steinersen

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6 Responses to “Passive Depressive #4”

  1. Obvious partisianship aside, this really is becoming my favorite comic strip. Though I would appreciate you not broadcasting my business plans to the internet in the future.

  2. ppppppps: it’s great!

  3. Sergey Says:

    LOL … :}

  4. sabratoothtiger Says:

    Fabulous!! Didn’t expect that bit at the end at all =)

  5. jaybird Says:

    Panel 1:
    msnSex~god: Hey sexy. I looked up your profile on myspace, googled you, and reverse address hacked you to get your msn info.
    msnSex~god: ps. I bet you’re a HAWTEE.

    Panel 2:
    Tracygrrl: Piss off creep.
    Tracygrrl: ps., learn to spell.
    msnSex~god: the only spell I care about is the one your hips will cast on me, sweet cheeks.
    msnSex~god: ps. into piss, eh? I could be down with that.

    Panel 3:
    Tracygrrl: Look asshole, don’t fuck with me.
    Tracygrrl: ps. Its my first and not my hips you should be worried about.
    Tracygrrl: pps the only way I would rock your world is with a slingshot.
    Tracygrrl: ppps EAT SHIT AND DIE.

    Panel 4:
    msnSex~god: I’d love to see your asshole.
    msnSex~god: ps. fisting is great too.
    msnSex~god: pps. I’ll sling your shot baby.
    msnSex~god: pps. Oh you dirty necro scat girl. I bet you love me long time five dollah… suckii suckii?

    Panel 5:
    Tracygrrl: Suckii suckii? Sling my shot? What the fuck?!!? Do breasts feel like bags of sand too? Have you ever even been with a girl? A boy? A goddamn apple pie? It’s socially retarded virgins like yourself that really make me sad for the species.

    msnSex~god: … wait…

    Panel 6:
    Tracygrrl: what’s the matter “hawte” stuff, hit too close to home? Are you weeping into you hand lotion stained towel in your elderly parent’s basement? You gonna squirt? Gonna cry? Maybe you should make yourself a sandwich and play a round of Magic-Solitaire to make yourself feel better!
    msnSex~god: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    Panel 7:
    Tracy: Dammit Denny, I tell you to find me perverts and you bring me losers! How am I ever going to get my creep-fetish internet sex chat business up and going without quality creeps?!?

    Tracy: Clean the piss of that chair and get the next guy ready!!!

  6. Plubius Says:

    Yays for Passive Depressive.

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