Annual Halloween Party #3

October 29, 2006

Party on Wayne, Party on Garth

(40 images)

So, you come here often?

My sword glows.

Frodo vs Ringwraith

Lord of All Evil, Ringwraith, and Frodo throw down

Frodo dies

Evil dudes get all the chicks

Evil dudes get all the chicks

I kiss you

I need somebody to sign for this

What can brown do you for?

Ninja Maiden


Lick My Boot

Gimp Pimp


Bad carpenter

Demon Bowie and Gimp

Demon Bowie

Bad mommy

Shrek and Fiona

Find me somebody to love love love

Drink donkey, drink!


Japanese Stereotype

I attack the darkness!

Prince of Wands and Kitty Kat

Curious George and Yellow Hat Man

Party crowd

Young boy

A Ninja, a Fat Cowboy and Borat walk into a bar...

In Kazakhstan...

Scary Movie

Best Friends Forever

$5 make you hollah

UPS has a package


Lord of All Evil camwhore

Lord of All Evil camwhore

Evil paladin gets his steed


4 Responses to “Annual Halloween Party #3”

  1. Sabre Tooth Says:

    Amazing costumes!!

  2. NotMike Says:

    So… AJ went as David Bowie?

    You see Jiff’s costume yet?
    29 - sweetums

  3. rox Says:

    Most of my playmates have diaspora-ed. I like this musing on the gloomy disappointment that adulthood can be… joy is my favorite form of resistance.

  4. foolswisdom Says:

    Great fun. The last is the best!

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