Passive Depressive #7

November 8, 2006

Passive Depressive is a new Beats Entropy comic that is updated every Wednesday.


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Copyright 2006 Kenji Toyooka and Phil Steinersen

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2 Responses to “Passive Depressive #7”

  1. Neal Says:

    Another solid offering to the webcomic gods. Mmmm… sweat and mayonnaise

  2. jaybird Says:

    Panel 1:
    Leo: Hi Warnick. I’d like to thank you again for volunteering to participate in this first working trial of my new invention.
    Warnick: No problem, I’m always happy to help! What is it we’ll be testing anyways?

    Panel 2:
    Leo: Glad you asked. This is a neuro-transmitting snaesthesia device. This machine allows individuals to experience multiple modalities of sensory input simultaneously.
    Warnick: wow. That’s amazing! But I have no idea what that means.

    Panel 3:
    Leo: The machine analyses an object placed here, and then transmits several overlapping sensory experiences into your brain. For each object the machine will send you tastes, sights, sounds and tactile experiences related to it. Just sit back and describe what happens.
    Warnick: Ok.

    Panel 4:
    Leo: Ok, first object.
    Warnick: Wowsers. I can see stadium lights, I can smell fresh pitch and hotdogs. Damn, I can taste chewing tobacco and meth-amphetamines. Baseball-a-licious.

    Panel 5:
    Warnick: Hmm. Now I see big air-brushed tits, and I can smell the aroma of overt overcompensation. I taste warm stale advertising, and I think I can hear the deep clichéd voice of a bad beer commercial actor.

    Panel 6:
    Warnick: Mmm, I smell fresh banana bread. I can head a cartoon slipping sound, and laughter and…
    Leo: Hold on a second, I’ll be right back.

    Panel 7:
    Warnick: Umm, wait. It’s changing. The banana bread’s gone sour. Like turned milk, or maybe old tuna. And the sounds… I’m not sure what that… god.. that’s strange — like two dogs panting and a whining cat. Oooh — the taste is even stranger, stale whipped cream and tears, or maybe saltier… like… sweat and mayonnaise? Ah, a picture is forming in my mind….

    Panel 8:
    Warnick: Oh my sweet jesus and merciful christ! That’s just not right. My god his whole arm… and she’s…. Oh no no not the car battery… Those puppies couldn’t possibly, they can’t be… NooooooOhhhhhMyyyyGODDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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