3D Model Trains:

December 12, 2006

Well it finally happened; the last few worn nubby teeth of Western civilization have passed into gummy oblivion. While I’m largely devoid of the self hating white guilt that plagues my generation, this morning I discovered something so sad and recursive it slapped the smug ethnocentric grin from my face.  A word from the maker of 3d Model Train Set (Abacus studios):

Model trains is a PC-based software that emulates the working of model trains as well as layout design. With this software you can plan and construct your own model train set complete with a ‘shopping list’ of parts and accessories to the scale you choose. 3D Model Trains reproduces some of the major model train and accessories manufacturers products that you’ll use to create your own table top train set”       

  Can you imagine the comfort it must give our enemies to realize that not only are we so bored and disengaged we feel the need to play with model trains; we’ve become so timid and insular that we can no longer handle the stress and social contact that comes with actual model train hobbyism, and need to seek out it’s milder virtual incarnation? This is on par with imaginary stamp collecting; and a bare half step above electronic “Wrap yourself in blankets and cry softly in the dark”. Have we really become so lame we can’t even pretend to do interesting things? 

 For all the sociopathic tendencies that games like GTA[1] encourage, I find this Model train deal far more disturbing and socially destructive. At least a kid on killing spree is getting outside and doing something; 3D MTS is inculcating the sort of passivity, isolation, and numb repetition that is unmaking our culture. Our play, for all it’s apparent frivolity, is representative of our dreams; to think that anyone’s dreams have become so restrained and dun is heart breaking.

[1] Just in case you live in cave GTA= Grand Theft Auto, a game made by Rockstar.


15 Responses to “3D Model Trains:”

  1. HitTheRhodes Says:

    I personally prefer Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge…

  2. engtech Says:

    Excellent product placement.

    *sends cheque*

  3. John Gap Says:

    This software may do to model train hobbyism what blogs did to soap boxes.
    We’re all doomed. Dooooomed I tells you!!!

  4. “This software may do to model train hobbyism what blogs did to soap boxes.”

    I tried to race my Blog down a hill but my old man wouldn’t help me put the wheels on. *sob* Why won’t you love me father…is it because my deformed hand?

  5. jive Says:

    I think you may have jumped the gun on this one AJ. Or , depending on how you look at it, have missed the boat entirely. Don’t get me wrong, I read the news and am thus convinced of western society’s complete and total failure to make anything worthwhile of itself but I don’t think this particular peice of software is a damning as you propose. After all it’s just a tool to help you plan the actual model train layout you are going to build. It doesn’t actually replace the building of a model railroad. A hobby which takes a lot of skill just not social skills. The sad truth is the good people who brought us sim city also brought us railroad tycoon some time ago “inculcating the sort of passivity, isolation, and numb repetition that is unmaking our culture”

  6. w0rmwood Says:

    ya but couldnt you bring down devasting natural disasters in railroad tycoon?

    that’s social … sorta…

  7. jive Says:

    So you think bringing a typhoon down on a trainload of commuters is a sociable activity? I’m so not giving you that weather control machine you want for xmas

  8. Tommy Says:

    Let’s say I’m 15..do I spend the hundreds of dollars I don’t have on real model trains, or do I spend the thirty dollars I actually have on model train software? Mind boggling.

  9. I would suggest spending that 30$ on consultant who could find the kid a hobby less befitting desperate, neutered, middle aged men. Maybe buy some bootleg liquor from an Indian reserve and try and get himself laid.

  10. engtech Says:

    Are you insinuating that my people are easy?

  11. Travis Prodzinsk Says:

    First of all the main purpose of software like 3d Model Trains is to help you design and plan your model railroad BEFORE you build it and NOT as a substitute to an actual model railroad. Second of all just because a company decided to make a piece of software like this does not mean the world is going to end. There are plenty of games out there and just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean no else can’t like it. I am a model railroader and I consider these comments insults to anyone who likes model railroading. Just because it deals with model railroading does not mean it sucks. You get passivity and isolation no matter what game or software is release and NOT JUST with model train software. If you ask me you people who are complaining about the idea have too much time on there hands and need to find a hobby.

  12. haroldini Says:

    Looking through this thread I had two purposes in mind:

    1) Can’t afford the track for all the G-Scale stock I already have.

    2) Was hoping someone had posted a *.EDP (track layout with the software) to give me hope for the future.

    What I found – a fun tongue-in-cheek read.

  13. Thanks, Haroldini.
    That is quite gracious of you, given my deeply uncharitble attacks upon your hobby.

  14. Earl Says:

    To me, 3D model trains is a substitute for a physical model train layout. I enjoy doing it on the computer far more than bothering with the space consuming physical stuff. I also enjoy building my own trains as well as the accessories.

  15. ARandomp36 Says:

    I coundent have a model train layout for 8 YEARS
    but now i do
    and i still use software like this

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