In advocacy of the Blind

January 12, 2007

I just watched a commercial for the blind. Well not really for the blind, it’s wasn’t just sound or anything…I guess It was a commercial in advocacy of the blind. Anyways, the message this commercial was trying to impart was fairly nebulous and a little unsettling. Pictures this:


A couple of asshole twenty something dudes are walking along and spy an older blind gentleman standing at a crosswalk. The two jackasses marvel at the strange site, circle their prize, then proceed to visually mock and wave hands in front of the old blind mans face. They then bound away, laughing and high fiving at how awesome they are. The camera then cuts back to the blind man: he watches the jackasses walk away, then waves his own hands in front of his face to indicate he saw the whole thing. The narrator then kicks in with “not all people that appear blind are completely blind, many have partial to significant vision”. Then the commercial ends.


The first few times I saw this ad I figured it was a straight forward veiled threat from the blind community : maybe we can see, maybe we can’t; you don’t know so don’t cross us.
The blind are sowing doubt and confusion in their enemies, us the sighted, so they can advance the blind agenda. I would do the same thing in their place, and I’m only mildly cunning and duplicitous. And then one day I paid closer attention to the fine print at the end; and low and behold there was a come on for donations to a foundation for the blind. Eh?

I’m not a marketing genius, but should you really be playing down the consequences of your disability when seeking funding? It’s like having an ad campaign trumpeting “Muscular Dystrophy: We can walk just fine assholes, we don’t need your money or your pity.” I totally respect the self defeating churlishness of the gesture, but there is a reason people don’t ask me to fund raise.


Then I started to put it all together. An ad with an overtly threatening tone, that undermines the daily struggle of the blind, and fills me with feelings of being judged and plotted against. This was a setup. Someone, somewhere, was trying to turn me against the blind; so when my admittedly poor eye sight slips into the legally blind territory I will find myself friendless and surrounded by enemies. Nice try France, but I ain’t going out like that. From now on Beats Entropy is pro blind, pro cripple, and anti whatever blind people hate. As for my Gallic nemesi’s…they know what’s coming


5 Responses to “In advocacy of the Blind”

  1. engtech Says:

    I hear that blind people hate Passive Depressive.

    We need PD in braille.

  2. baredfeetandteeth Says:

    Do you hate France French or Quebec French?

  3. I don’t hate France in the traditional sense. It’s more a space opera vendetta, then real world antipathy.

  4. engtech Says:

    He and France were best friends as children until that incident on the playground with “escargot”.

  5. Steph Says:

    The agency that you’re referring to is teh CNIB. Part of their mission statement is to provide information about blindness and those who are blind. The message they were trying to send is that some people, while legally blind, can see up close or can see parcially. The comercial was done in such a way as to make it humorous and to catch people’s attention.

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