Letter Day: I can’t keep track of these things

January 16, 2007

Twenty apes besieged that gates, and each a hewn stone tossed

“It’s letter day” I heard them say, “produce or all is lost”.

I know it’s Tuesday folks, but I don’t fuck around with rhyming apes. Lets get down to business.




How tolerant are you guys of homosexuality?

Jerry Davis, Mi

I am tolerant of people chewing with their mouths open; I’m indifferent to homosexuality*. In terms of assessing someone’s worth I rank it somewhere between “Enjoys Jeopardy” and “Owns two plaid shirts”; slightly suggestive of personality, but largely insignificant when considering the person as whole.

*read homosexuality as gender identity/sexual preference




I’m sick of all the offensive imagery and vile language in todays music. The urbanization of acoustic culture has stripped the class and beauty from an ancient art form. Can you guys do a piece on how much more offensive music is today?

Pete in Denver


First off, offensive is a purely subjective measure, so you can’t really objectively rank it over time. Now, if you are asking me to plug the result into my supercomputer the “Arbitron 6500” I can oblige you. *this will take a moment*————————


By my reckoning it looks like the most offensive song ever made was “Celia” by Simon and Garfunkel. A excerpt from the aforementioned roundelay


“Making love in the afternoon with cecilia
Up in my bedroom (making love)
I got up to wash my face
When I come back to bed
Someone’s taken my place

Celia, you’re breaking my heart
Youre shaking my confidence daily
Oh, cecilia, I’m down on my knees
I’m begging you please to come home
Come on home”


This is offensive on a lot of levels. First off, what kind of whore is his girlfriend that he can’t even get to up to wash his face without her banging some other dude. I’m not a prude by any means, but how cockthirsty do you have to be that you can’t at least give the guy a courtesy shout ala “Take your time washing your face, I’m getting plowed by the guy hiding under the bed”. And in the singers bedroom no less!

But it’s not Celia behavior that’s most offensive part of the song, it’s the singers reaction to her substantial breach of etiquette that is most galling. By his own words this shit happens daily, and his response is….begging her to come home? Come on man! Have an ounce of self respect. What kind of lesson is that teaching the next generation of gutless folk singing hippies?

The worst part is how damn cheerful and catchy the song is; I’m going to be humming that disturbed scene for days now. Trust me Pete, modern music can’t hold a candle to that kind of depredation.



Passive Depressive is fucking awesome! I could read that shit all day and still make time for a W.A.N.G. P.L.U.S wack off and Cake bake. SCreeeeeeeeeeee Fuckers!

Sarah Carlson…. Went stick and now nothing else will do the trick.



Thanks Sarah, I’ll pass on your compliments and disturbingly unsanitary culinary practices to the contributors.




How come you guys don’t have a blog roll?

Are you elitist jerks, or, do you just not read other blogs?

Curious and mildly furious.



I actually don’t know why we don’t have blog roll. We used to, then it disappeared.

I think it’s due to a new theme and widget choice; you’d have to ask Engtech for a proper answer. We actually do read a lot of other blogs though, so I guess I’ll do things reggaton shout out style ….Brrrrrrrrrrrrrappppp Selectah!


http://notmikesince91.livejournal.com/ : This jerk right here is an old school compadre from so far back in the day we won’t even meet until two weeks from now. He knew Frambojan back before stealing pants was cool.


http://hittherhodes.wordpress.com/ This funktastic eloquerian is Notmike’s kin, and a fine fancy man in his own right.


http://icecreamgangsigns.wordpress.com/ Smack Talking she-bitch what knows the low down. An associate member of Beats Entropy, she possesses many incriminating photos of the contributors in varying states of drunken disarray


http://baredfeetandteeth.wordpress.com/ One of the few stranger Blogs I read regularly, and the most constant commenter on Beats Entropy that’s not a blood relative or guilt pressured real life associate. Know locally as “the chick from BFT” “Bfftt” and the deeply unfortunate contractronym “B-Fat”.

And while she does not have a Blog, my Beloved Esmeralda gets a special shout out for reading every entry, every day, from the first post on. She is a heart squashingly cool chick.

There are many more deserving but I’m kind of an asshole; also I should save space for the other lads to add theirs.


That is Letter Day for today folks. As always I ask that you remember me as peacemaker, not a shoplifter; such is my suspect legacy. I going out a limb to assert this will be the best week ever…because realistically speaking you have no way to hold me accountable.


A.J. Vallaint


7 Responses to “Letter Day: I can’t keep track of these things”

  1. engtech Says:

    Yeah, when we switch themes to Simpla we lost the blogroll. Sowwy!

    If you are a blogger and you sign up for an account at MyBlogLog then you will appear in our sidebar every time you visit Beats Entropy.

    If you’re a wordpress.com user, you can find information about how to install MyBlogLog into your sidebar here:

    (It’s better than a blogroll)

  2. baredfeetandteeth Says:

    B-Fat is officially what I’m making my friends call me from this day forth.

  3. JiFF Says:

    Sure…. I don’t have alot on my journal, at least not alot worth reading but if you do recall…. I was the origin of the “stealing pants” mentioned above.

    All is forgiven though, I know you still have that damn assassin Stiches. I’ve caught a glimpse of him no less then 3 times today alone. Please call off the Hit. I don’t deserve this.

  4. engtech Says:

    If anyone deserves it…

  5. “Please call off the Hit”

    Sorry Jiff, once stitches gets the money thing are irevokably set into action. It’s a manner of professional pride with him/it/something.

  6. engtech Says:

    That Irish work ethic.

  7. JiFF Says:

    I guess i’ll see you all in HELL BITCHES!


    (either that or I’ll continue this “he hardly looks like jiff” plan that’s been workign pretty decent so far)

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