Streets of Old Laredo 6: Epilogue

February 21, 2007

(I won’t lie to ya’ folks: I thought Ol’ Tex and Seamus lucks had run out at the hands of hanging judge. I was pole axed as any man when Bowlegweemiss burst in an unstrangulated em’; and more confounded when they rode off on his back. I ain’t no Equeirian but seemed awful strange a horse, ‘specily one so proud as Bow, would forget a grudge all a’ sudden like. Several hours into the rescue Seamus weren’t no more consensified than us.)

The unlikely trio had ridden through the better part of the badlands before Bow made it known the ride was over. Tex dropped smoothly to his feet and locked eyes with his dubious rescuer. Seamus slumped to the ground, then hurled himself blubbering at Bow.

“Oh thanks you magic horse…you’se the nicest, purtiest mos…”

Bow grabbed up Seamus in his teeth, shook him like a sack of rattle sacks, then flung him against a rock. Tex stepped heavily across both Seamus’s hands, interposing himself betwixt the little man and the horse.

“Shit Seamus, that wer’ nearly as stupid as the time you filled you mouth with bee so’s you could taste honey all day. That horse ain’t no more your friend then…well, I suppose then anyone else is your friend. ”

Seamus sucked at his crushed fingers, his still swollen tongue mushing against the roof of his near toothless mouth “The queen laid eggs in behind my eyes”

Tex continued “That horse got a hate so hot fer us if’n sugar were shoeshine he’d burn yur boots black.” Seamus and Bow pondered a moment then stood there awkwardly. Tex shrugged disappointedly, then tried to play it off like he’d made a lick of sense

“Anyhow, he busted us out cause he couldn’t bear me dying having gotten on over on him.

Bow stopped his hoof impatient like, then tapped at his wrist where he’d have worn watch…if’n he hadn’t been a horse…which he was. Seamus scuttled backwards into the safety of cactus patch. Tex squared up to the ornery equine.

“yeah I know, we’s got unfinished business and you’d like to get to it. Fair ‘nough, let me just get my jacke..” Tex threw his vest in Bow’s face, following it with hard right hand. Bow neighed joyously and planted a surprisingly high amplitude drop kick into the gunslingers chest.

And just like that the sun went down on the streets of Old Laredo.

  1. Enter Bolegwemiss
  2. We’s a fightin’
  3. The Hangin’ Judge
  4. The Aformentioned Hanging Judge
  5. The Conclusionation


2 Responses to “Streets of Old Laredo 6: Epilogue”

  1. Esmerelda Sconeflinger Says:

    pss ! Check your font size and the title, “Epilouge”.

  2. monkey Says:

    That was thoroughly enjoyable … :]

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