“‘All of them are dead,’ peach grower laments”

April 9, 2007


And the winner of the previously unannounced “News headline with oddly poignant phrasing” contest… CNN for : “‘All of them are dead,’ peach grower laments

It sounds like the title of a book of tragic rural children’s poems; each more bleak and sweeping than the last.

 I figure they’d go a little something like this


All of them are dead; the peach grower laments

As his fruit hung low to the frost

How will my children be fed; the old refrain went

In his head how he tallied the cost


I’ll bake up the quiet one; he said with regret

He’s plump and seldom complains

Shame to kill such a fine son; I’ll never forget

As long as the taste still remains


11 Responses to ““‘All of them are dead,’ peach grower laments””

  1. max Says:

    Come away from the dark side, Valliant.

  2. thekenji Says:

    Don’t be a peach grower, AJ

  3. Yeah, not sure if I’d let you touch my peaches, either.

  4. “Yeah, not sure if I’d let you touch my peaches, either.”

    Trust me, you would.

  5. max Says:

    Is that veiled sex talk?

  6. Haha, no, Max! But thanks for planting exciting thoughts!

  7. Ok, busted. Just a little. Maybe. I don’t know. Nolo contendre.

  8. Oops, I mean nolo contendere. Flub.

  9. w0rmwood Says:

    “Is that veiled sex talk?”

    that talk was so thinly veiled, it was pretty much anorexic.

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