Passive Depressive #53

April 10, 2007

Passive Depressive is a Beats Entropy comic that is updated every Tuesday and Thursday.


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Copyright 2007 Kenji Toyooka and Phil Steinersen

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14 Responses to “Passive Depressive #53”

  1. I love Denny’s spit take at the end. Nicely complimented by Warnnicks “Dang dude, I really should have said something seeing as he has ruined every family occasion with his Potatage since we were children” look.

  2. Jive Says:

    Well given Denny’s epic freakiness Warnick probably didn’t think it was a big deal

  3. John Gap Says:

    If you ever see Warnick in the street and he has two tiny little lines under his eyes he’s probably high.
    It’s a dead giveaway.

  4. thekenji Says:

    I personally love how Warnick and Larsen look like brothers even though they are also totally different body types.

  5. John Gap Says:

    It’s the matching skin tones.

    So productionwise, who does what between you two clever cats? Do you each have certain aspects of the strip that you specialize in? Who came up with the characters? I’m hooked on the B.E and I need the inside scoop.

  6. w0rmwood Says:

    As it stands now Kenji illustrates and I do the concept work and writing.

    That having been said, we both provide each other with feedback on the other’s work.

    In terms of characters, it has been and remains a collaborative (although also organic) process.

  7. thekenji Says:

    I created the original characters: Leo, Denny, Tracy, Warnick, Larsen.

    Though since Phil does most of the writing, he’s had a great deal of influence on the character development since.

    We also jointly created these recurring characters:
    Denny’s gf, the pet store guy, the two police officers, Tracy’s sister, Cain, Abel, Sintu Cloven, all of Leo’s inventions

    The process is quite back-and-forth. Phil does the initial dialogue, then I draw the scenes that match, but I often improvise some of it, so when Phil sees it again he might re-write some of the dialogue, and so on.

  8. thekenji Says:

    Visually, I consider Passive Depressive to be mainly an exploration of colour and interactions between hue/brightness/saturation. I choose them pretty carefully.

  9. I’m in charge of filtering out the hateful racial rhetoric Phil tries to add, and the secret free mason imagery Kenji layers into the background.

    Mr Toasty was originally “Mr. Negros shouldn’t be allowed to go to school”. You don’t even want to know what the COTI meter was in the first draft.

  10. thekenji Says:

    The original COTI meter also used to look like the all-seeing eye on a pyramid, but it didn’t make the cut because it was too “unwieldly”.

  11. John Gap Says:

    Thanks guys. Kenji, your exploration is wonderful. But you already know that you give me wood.
    As for the back and forth, I can imagine how fun that must be sometimes…
    But Phil, the term organic has nothing to do with the time you burried one of Kenji’s drawings in your backyard. That was just plain mean.

    AJ, I had a very witty response to your comment. It included a question about who will mop the floors. But after reading the latest Letter Day I’ll (almost) refrain.

  12. “But after reading the latest Letter Day I’ll (almost) refrain.”

    We do skirt the razor of winkingly inappropriate, and irredeemable hate mongering.

  13. w0rmwood Says:

    “But Phil, the term organic has nothing to do with the time you burried one of Kenji’s drawings in your backyard. That was just plain mean.”

    I was actually referring to that time I dumped a 10lb bag of manure into Kenji’s design-lab/bedroom …

    … err I mean that time that manure ‘got dumped’ into the studio/bedroom by parties unknown. Parties so unknown that we may never know anything about them, except that they were parties who were not me.

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