A blameless life

April 11, 2007

I wonder what would it be like

to lead a blameless life

and have my brittle pieces cut

but never fall


11 Responses to “A blameless life”

  1. max Says:

    Ah. You are a poet today.

    How is it Irishmen can write poetry and still appear masculine and most other men just look like maybe they still live with their mothers?

  2. Anita Marie Says:

    Max…because they do.

    And AJ- I think it would be boring to lead a blameless life…


  3. NotMike Says:

    It’s the liquor.

  4. Jive Says:

    Max, it’s because ever since the potato famine we’ve been forced to live with our mothers to save money and after doing it for so long we’ve become really good at hiding it… mostly from ourselves…with liquor

  5. max Says:

    “Sure he lives with his mother, but he drinks like a man”?

    It is just a good thing you guys are here to explain masculinity to me I never would have gotten that on my own.

  6. Refraining from fresh comment.

  7. max Says:

    Are you okay, Stil? Do you have a fever?

  8. Just for the flavor of a Pringle.

  9. max Says:

    That is not a potato chip.

    I am so calling your father.

  10. Hmm. Is that a veiled reference to the Old Man? lol

  11. max Says:

    I burned all my veils at the library. I am down to fan dancing on street corners for quarters now.

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