Passive Depressive #66

May 24, 2007


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Copyright 2006 Kenji Toyooka and Phil Steinersen

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9 Responses to “Passive Depressive #66”

  1. I can’t belive you passed up an oppourtuntity to yell KHHHHHHAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! in the anger stage.

  2. w0rmwood Says:

    patience oh tenacious one, patience.


  3. thekenji Says:

    We actually invented Khan’s coffee way back around PD #46 for the sole purpose of using the “KHAAAAAANNNN!!!” line in a single comic, but then the Tracy/coffee shop story kept building and building, and we kept biding our time. Even for this one, we didn’t think it was time yet.

    Eventually, once the conflict reaches epic proportions maybe Tracy will find the Botany Bay and get stranded on Genesis. I’m a nerd.

  4. engtech Says:

    Did something happen to Bridgehead!?

  5. John Gap Says:

    These are great studies of cartoon emotions, Kenji. I could flip through a whole book of these. As a matter of fact, these are far superior to the ones in the book I have.
    I noticed that you’re now a part of, congrats. Keep up that Midas touch.

  6. thekenji Says:

    Wow, I hadn’t even noticed that I was accepted into Them… I applied over a year ago so I figured it wasn’t gonna happen.

    Interesting which pics they chose to display. I can tell they like the graf/graphic oriented stuff.

    ps. I love doing the expressions for PD characters. Tracy and Denny are harder because their eyebrows don’t show.

  7. “These are great studies of cartoon emotions,”

    They really are.
    The hint of desperation in the denial one was layered in very subtly.

    Tracy looks very manga/anime in this one.

  8. John Gap Says:

    Yes, but Deny has head-tits. Those things are so expressive that it’s nearly cheating.

  9. Ghost of Zaw Zaw Says:

    Great comic! I am currently in the denial stage, heading towards anger…

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