Haiku Contest Winner

June 15, 2007

It churned and smoked, and cruised the town in it’s Camero looking for under aged street kids…but finally the Arbitron 6500 abided by it’s tertiray mandate and evaluated those Hakiu’s. Know that all of you are winners: in the sense that you have lost and are expected to keep quiet about it.


Anyang Haseyo
it fit right, don’t knock it scum
YOU try Korean


This entry was put forth by K****/B-Fat, from Baredfeetandteeth.
It’s hard to divine the Arbitron’s sub quantum ruminations, but I suspect it was impressed by the excess capitalization.

And for her Fabulous mystery prize : a hand drawn* portrait of her created by the worst artist at Beats Entropy…one Mr. Valliant. Now I don’t know precisely what B-Fat looks like (I think she’s in some sort of Internet witness protection program) so I will have try and capture her essence.

Teacherpretty smile


9 Responses to “Haiku Contest Winner”

  1. Tony s. Says:

    If my kid game me something like that I’d slap them across the face.

  2. David Kehoe Says:

    That is the shittiest prize ever.

  3. This contest was so fixed.
    How would you have even drawn a picture of me?

  4. “This contest was so fixed.
    How would you have even drawn a picture of me?”

    I probably would have just drawn a Parsnip that was shutting it damn mouth because it knew what was good for it.

  5. siginsig Says:

    I did not enter.
    I also did not win prize.
    Darn, I suck again!!!

  6. Horray for not winning!

  7. siginsig Says:

    What was the name of that character you used to draw back in the day?

  8. baredfeetandteeth Says:

    …damn. You got it so right, right down to the shifty looking kid on my right and the one trying, and failing, to give me the finger, at the very end of the line. I most especially like that i look stoned. I must have this framed and put up beside my degree!

  9. Sean Says:

    Hey,; and if you like it, please link to me, and I will do the same for you!

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