Passive Depressive #98.5

September 17, 2007


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Copyright 2007 Kenji Toyooka and Phil Steinersen

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6 Responses to “Passive Depressive #98.5”

  1. Rodney Says:

    Just some random questions:

    1) Is that a rocket powered dildo?
    2) Why does the girl Larsen is dreaming about look strangely like clerkgrrl?

  2. Jive Says:

    It’s a good thing I didn’t know what this comic was about before I clicked the link… normally I would be too scared to see a depiction of the subconscious minds of the PD crew… it was more humorous and less terrifying than I expected.

  3. thekenji Says:

    Hi Rodney:

    1) yes!
    2) I would guess that Denny’s gf is pretty close to Larsen’s ideal woman… except the self-esteem part.

  4. sabretooth Says:

    oh… I thought it was a dildo powered rocket.


  5. Feel-ya Says:

    I just realized this, what the heck is Denny’s girlfriend holding in her hand?! :)

  6. w0rmwood Says:

    That, my friend, is some delicious cherry pie!


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