Passive Depressive Season 1 finale

September 28, 2007


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Copyright 2007 Kenji Toyooka and Phil Steinersen

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16 Responses to “Passive Depressive Season 1 finale”

  1. Feel-ya Says:

    Explosive ending. ;)

    Or, that’s high octane yo!

  2. max Says:

    That better be some sort of supersonic pulse that just appears to have killed everyone but has not really done it.

    Jeez, what is it with you guys and killing heroes?

  3. Monkey Says:

    wow … that was very “action adventure” stylez … i liked the “terminator view”, definitely a good visual effect. in fact, the entire strip’s use of special effects is rather awesome … good job!

    so does this mean you are taking a break for a bit? … when should we expect season two to come out?

  4. Hans Says:

    This is by far the best comic I’ve ever read. Seriously. I love your guys work. Please keep it coming… :)

  5. baredfeetandteeth Says:

    the second last panel is perfection…i love it…I can’t even explain why. Very impressed with the finale. You continue to outdo yourselves.

  6. thekenji Says:

    Thanks so much guys :)

    We’ll be taking a month or two break in preparation for season 2. But in between we’ll release some interesting PD tidbits and bonuses instead of the usual comic.

    And we’re also considering a PD t-shirt contest!!!


  7. max Says:

    Is that a contest where women wear PD shirts and you throw tubs of icy water on them or a contest where people make suggestions for the PD shirt?

  8. engtech Says:

    why can’t they be the same thing?

  9. max Says:

    Um. I volunteer Stiletto.

  10. baredfeetandteeth Says:

    I would pay money for a tshirt with the PD crew having a wet tshirt contest wearing all of the shirts Tracy’s niece and nephew have ever worn..or of the pd crew wearing tshirts of a wet tshirt fight between the Beats Entropy crew :) seriously…like a nickel…

  11. Louis Says:

    Its ironic that the last episode of Naruto Shippuuden that aired in Japan last Thursday had a very similar ending as this one. It too involved a dimensional rift and a very large explosion.

  12. sabretooth Says:

    You Jerks!! F*AAK!!

    Okay, I like you guys and all, but man, cliffhangers at the end of a season always give me this strange urge to kill… >:[

    (Great work though! Can’t wait till next season! :)

  13. sabretooth Says:

    ps. i kinda love the frame where they all have squirrel heads and say ‘screeeeeeee’

  14. w0rmwood Says:

    Hey all,

    Thanks for all the loyal comic-reading!

    We will be back, after this short word from our sponsors (real life), to bring you another exciting installment of PD!

    Although the sociologist in me wants to see how long Sabes can last without snapping before revealing the exciting conclusion to our cliffhanger – I figure we’ll be back up and running (with some new exciting treats) sometime in late October or November.


  15. Feel-ya Says:

    Thanks to you and Kenji for the amazing comics!

    Awesome job guys! :)

    Though I must admit that not having my biweekly PD fix for that long will be a little tough.

    What’s this about t-shirt contests?


  16. engtech Says:


    you are uniquely positioned to exploit that urge to kill as well. what with the teeth, and the claws, and the kenji-access.

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