Passive Depressive #135

April 4, 2008


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Copyright 2007 Kenji Toyooka and Phil Steinersen

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5 Responses to “Passive Depressive #135”

  1. jive Says:

    Piter and thufa would be proud. To be honest i always saw Leo as the mentat and tracy as more of a Sadukar

  2. Monkey Says:

    That was very disturbing.

  3. sabre Says:

    is this how we’re going to be taking in our daily coffee in the future?!?!

  4. sabre Says:

    ps. love the dune ref =)

  5. baredfeetandteeth Says:

    What with the lack of posting and increasingly sinister PDs, I fear you lads are being held captive by the most demanding of dominatrixes who’s denying you access to technology apart from what’s needed to keep up appearances, and that perhaps what you do manage to post contains hidden desperate calls for help that nobody can quite manage to make out.

    Here’s hoping you tunnel your way to freedom soon…or really make the most of it.

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