Letter Day 40: Letters n’ stuff

April 25, 2008


It’s too nice a day for intros. Let’s get down to business.



“When is it appropriate to use a smiley (or emoticons in general)?

 Joshua Filmore”


 It is appropriate when you are:

 –Posing as 13 year old to catch a child predator

A child predator trying to disguise your real age

-(ironically) applying one, following a scathing personal assault on someone

Ie. I’m sorry god twisted your womb and made you barren in punishment for being such a bitch ;)

High as shit

 Outside those narrow exceptions emoticon use casts a pall of doubt over ones literacy, upbringing, and general worth as person…making one suspect you were raised by a mall food court, and told bedtimes stories via black berry.



“You write a lot. Or at least you used to. But you never talk about what you are reading. Do you read books.

VJ Abishak”


Not a lot…certainly less than I should. Mostly I get by on sugar packets and the liner notes from Danish live sex recordings. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t back slid into complete illiteracy (as opposed to the somewhat functional illiteracy I make due with currently).

  In part this is cyclical thing: I read two or three books a week for a while, hit one that bores me, then I’m stuck until I can bring myself to finish it. I’ve spent upwards of six months away from the written word trying to wait out low quality narrative… praying for prairie fire to sweep away the offending literature. Gradually, I forget I ever enjoyed reading in the first place. Eventually I push through, start something good, and am reminded of the transformative power of other peoples words.

  My summer goal is to read a book a week that is outside my outside my literary wheelhouse (read: people with laser eyes and talking swords). I’ve recently begun a bedtime dalliance with a historical account of Karl Lagerfeld and Yves St. Laurents rise to fashion power in late 60’s/early 70’s Paris (The Beautiful Fall). It’s dry, absurdly specific, and gayer than Freddie Mercury’s moustache…yet still I persist. The dreams….have been troubling.          


 “What do you think about this http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/04/25/sean.bell.trial/index.html

 Essentially 5 plainclothes police officers rolled up on a bachelor party, guns drawn without identifying themselves, causing the guys to book it….to which the police responding by firing 50 shots into the car. One cop fired 33 shots. There were no guns on any of the men in the car”


 Beechburg, NY”


 Now lets not rush to judgement here: as I understand the car brushed one of the officers pant legs as the suspects were pulling away….and by all accounts they were very nice pants…so it’s only natural that the cops fire a few dozen warning shots, directly at them…for a couple of minutes.

  The part of that article that made me laugh (in a tragicomic way):


“Federal prosecutors will conduct a review to determine whether there were any civil rights violations, Brown said”


 Now I’m not that familiar with American law…but I had assumed “not being gunned down in your car by random police officers” was kind of a given, in terms of rights one could reasonable expect to have. Do they really need a expert in constitutional law to suss over the facts…make sure no Flags ignited while the cops were playing Bonnie and Clyde? Perhaps there’s concern about their right to assemble…in a car…without being gunned down by the police. The whole thing is obscene and depressing. 

 Though the winter is long, living in Canada defiantly has its pluses.    


7 Responses to “Letter Day 40: Letters n’ stuff”

  1. Keri Says:

    Did you make that statue? It really fits the tone of the piece well.

  2. “Did you make that statue? It really fits the tone of the piece well.”

    Yes I did. I create, and photograph, statues for each Letter Day. It’s time consuming, and cost tens of thousands of dollars, but I feel it’s worth the effort.

  3. w0rmwood Says:

    I think that last comment is missing a smiley.


  4. conundrum Says:

    “Though the winter is long, living in Canada defiantly has its pluses”

    I’ve made many visits to Canada and think it is a great place. However, I’ve rarely seen anything resembling defiance. Witty, yes. Admirable, yes. Defiant, not so much.

    btw – FYI. The use of the term “civil rights violations” refers more so to violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (primarily addressing discrimination based on race) rather than an evaluation based on the Bill of Rights (such as your example of the right to assemble).

  5. Pollyanna Sassmaster Says:

    “I’ve recently begun a bedtime dalliance with a historical account of Karl Lagerfeld and Yves St. Laurents rise to fashion power…The dreams…have been troubling”

    For you and me both. Stop calling me Pollyves.

  6. Jive Says:

    I have used many emoticons in my life. And you have made me feel ashamed. :(

  7. sulya Says:


    Damn you emoticon snobs and your tyranny. I will emoticon when and how I feel like emoticonning.

    How’s that for a defiant Canadian dammit?!

    (note to self: “It would probably be better if it weren’t in the form of a question….”)

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