A parting of ways

July 23, 2008

Like all break ups, I expected it…but I was off on the timing. My surreally brief decade [1 ] of corporate employment ended in quiet conversation, Tuesday morning. It was a cool, form letter, discussion on their part. A bemused and grinning one on mine. They weren’t allowed to discuss their motivation, beyond informing me, repeatedly, it was a “business decision”. That’s akin to answering “Why are you hitting me?” with “My arms make the bat go down”: accurate, but willfully obtuse.

To their credit they gave me a big thing of riches, and let me gather my posessions without taunts or tasering. They even laughed when I had to retrieve my shoes and sock from under the desk (yes I was laid off barefoot). Security seemed thrown by how relaxed and upbeat I was. Also: I kept assuring them “I’m not reaching for my gun” whenever I rifled through a desk drawer. They asked me if I actually had a gun….I replied “what caliber counts as a gun?”. They were less amused by this. I said my goodbyes, stole my lucky mug, and left the only real job I’ve ever had.

I should be concerned. I have no proper skills. I was only qualified for my old job by default, and I have no intention of returning to that world. Yet, I am not. I feel released. I’ve been freed from excuses and obligations and intend to make the most it. More to come on this late breaking story as information comes in.

[1] It was actually around eights years…but that reads a little sloppy.


4 Responses to “A parting of ways”

  1. max Says:

    It is a good thing you have mad cap charisma most guys with no job or car are out of luck with the fairer sex.

  2. Pfffttt. Thats not really a concern anyways. Aside from already having a ladyfolk, I’m pretty sure I could parley the starving artist vibe in all sorts of romantic currency. I also get to work out twice a day now.

  3. sulya Says:

    I am popping some champagne in your name (okay, I drank the last bottle I had with a friend a couple weeks ago but just pretend) because often the best things that can ever happen to us are the walls falling away and the floor dropping out. Especially walls that had grown perhaps eerily, suspiciously like a second skin and a floor which was all-too-familiar beneath those naked toes…

    Champagne and a deep breath for you…

    A long deep cool breath in and long deep warm breath out.

    To new things and a river of words to trace it all.

    (P.S. If you can work out twice a day you can post twice a day. Just sayin’. Fans can turn rabid when neglected.)

  4. Jive Says:

    Feels good being set free from the cubicle farm doesn’t it? I expect you to take full advantage of it. I want to see a new picture of you and Felicia in different exotic locals every 2 weeks

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