Beats Entropy: Site Index

September 26, 2008


In lieu of looking for gainful employment, I decided to layout our back catalog in a slightly more coherent fashion. It’s mostly in chronological order, largely in poor taste, and the best you’re going to get at this point and time. Enjoy.

BE: Special Reports

Political Peril:

Hillary Clinton

Ralph Nader

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin: an addendum

Ask BE:

Life in the trenches

Why is he even commenting on our looks

Baby Names

Political Romance novel

Fruit Morality

Job Interview

Canadian Politics

How Do I make the ladies love me

How Do I make the ladies love me part 2

What would you do with 10 000$ cash?

Animal Intern

Assessment Scales


Ignominious Death




Inappropriate comment



A Step too far: A moral examination of the Limit

Everyday Heroes

Tim Donagy

Blackwater Security

AJ’s Terrible Life

–          Ham

–          Pie

–          Moving Day

–          Domesticity

–          Heart Shaped leaf

–          Angry Days and Dogfood

–          My Journal

–          Hot water theater

–          Healer and Builders

–          My Resume

–   –       Powerless

–          Bachelor Terrarium

–          Farewell to the Chud Cave

–          Cruel Transubstantiation

–          The Bicycle thief

–         An odd, true, Non Sequitar


-A step too far: a moral examination of the limit

-A man of questionable expertise

Bad People Making Sense

The Deaf


Letter Days:

The First

The Sequel


Quarto Nuevo

Five for Fighting

Beats Working for a Living

Better Late Than Never

Oucho Grande

Journalistic Mandate

I thought you was dead?

I can’t keep track of these things

Can’t stop

Give a Dam

Umbrage of Saint Germaine

Hate Mail and bad Poetry

Dollar and a handup

Clown side of town

Lesser of two evils

E-Conomy of Spite

Racing Towards Indecency

The places I have been

Where I’ve been

General Malfeasance

Simple questions and mild retardation

Fun or prophet

Brief Interlude

Slam Politics

Motes of bitterness

“n stuff

Vamphyric Victory

Tales from a Future Hobo

Listful Ponderings

The cost of Bullying


Esprit De Corpse

Arbitrary Rankings


Consumer reports

Greatest Men:





Happening/ Ain’t happening


Ain’t looking good

Artistic Differences

Back from the grave

One off Stories

A monkey and his tiny slacks

Talk dirty to me

The Ride Home

Serial Stories

Five Greatest Pop Culture Crimes

Cartoons that Confused and Angered Me

Advice (early)

Guide to being right

Wormwoods Rhetoric

–          Snowflakes

–          Labour Day

–          Seven Deadly

–          Activism

–          Semantic Distinction

–          Bitch

–          Pandemic

–         Planet of the Apes

A step too far: a moral examination of the limit

A man of questionable expertise


2 Responses to “Beats Entropy: Site Index”

  1. A fair chuck of early post were omitted to give things a more unified feel.

  2. And the punctuation in the earlier stuff is especially remedial. I will be reediting over the next few days: maybe let it slide till then.

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