Purgatory Lost

October 9, 2008

My brief career as stay at home bachelor has ended. Despite a job search [1] largely composed of watching CNN, and publishing libelous statements about political candidates, I have been reinserted into the corporate bosom. Thankfully it’s a much smaller corporate bosom; pert and pencil tested to my liking. My duties are multitudinous and well suited to my strengths; my coworkers likable and engaging. It is a cool opportunity that I’m genuinely looking forward to.

And yet; I was going to be a starving artist. There is little grist and misery in gainful employment; no poetry in sales support. I’ll miss the interest (and mild pity) being an aspiring writer evoked; the intrigued skepticism.  I was part of vast fraternity of jobless poets and basement dwelling screen writers. I was a badly written novel away from possessing sufficient coffee house cred to host an open mic night. Now I’m a yuppie with a hobby…a top drawer full of blank verse ponderings and dry erase markers. I see grim times and company picnics ahead. Still, tepid blessings are better than none.

[1] And the Jewish lass was all “you have to send out resumes…you can’t just stay in your apartment and expect people to seek you out and offer you a job”…yet, that is precisely how I obtained the entirety of my adult employment. Proof that fortune favors the indifferent.


5 Responses to “Purgatory Lost”

  1. max Says:

    All your street cred is toast now.

  2. “All your street cred is toast now.”

    If only that were true…oh glorious Toast.

  3. Mike Says:

    I no longer think you can define what you do by your day job, I think you’ve moved on to being required to express your position in life based on passion.

  4. Rodney Says:

    So what is it? I’m not going to see pictures that will scar my minds eye, am I?

  5. sulya Says:

    Your love of toast is awe-inspiring.

    Your ability to find gainful, perhaps (hopefully) satisfying employment while eating cereal in your ginch equally – though not more – so.


    And, I believe you will be able to hold on to your street cred just fine.

    Tough, creative and interesting just is brutha’ fox. It just is.

    But, should you lose it at any point, simply look under something heavy. Usually round, but definitely heavy…

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