Passive Depressive #170

December 10, 2008

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Copyright 2007 Kenji Toyooka and Phil Steinersen

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6 Responses to “Passive Depressive #170”

  1. A little Canadian parliamentary humor for our American fans.

  2. Jive Says:

    I really have no friggin’ clue what prorogue means… I wonder if the governor general knows.

  3. Feel-ya Says:

    Probably. But did that knowledge increase her ability to make a good decision?

  4. Jess Says:

    hahaha!! :)

  5. thekenji Says:

    My respect for Harper would rise about 14% if he and Stockwell Day dressed like the Emperor and Darth Vader (repsectively) around Parliament Hill all the time.

  6. thekenji Says:

    (That’s up from a current respect level of… 0%)

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