Missives from my Christmas hole

December 23, 2008

There is a bus strike in Ottawa. Three weeks and no end in site; snow and rage and Christmas choler have settled heavy on my back. I am not a union man to begin with, so strikes that actually hamper my life fill me with rage so keen you could split the Holy Ghost in twain. My daily slush trudge leaches away my good will block by block; by the last few streets I’m kicking tethered dogs and spitting into passing baby carriages.

The cost in time is precipitous: an hours walk each way, plus another half hour spent crapping in envelops and mailing them to OC Transpo staff. The postage alone has me on the brink of financial ruin. This is the wrong time of year to test my good humour.

I find my self measuring out lengths of electrical cord and plotting public Mall Santa lashings of the bus driver’s children; picturing how my false beard would sway as I howl old strike breaker anthems in time with my down stroke. There would be no labour stoppage in this endeavour, no shortage of industry: I would whip and bray until one of my traitorous elves put two in the back of my head, ending the misery of all involved.

Is that what you want OC Transpo…some midget to doubletap a message of union solidarity through the back of my skull? Will it take the death of a not totally un-good man to drive you back to the bargaining table? Because downwards this road leads; consider accordingly.


3 Responses to “Missives from my Christmas hole”

  1. Jive Says:

    you might do better focusing your rage on our crook of a mayor… he’s generally pretty dislikable as a person and though I know you never let facts interfere with a good time he is probably more to blame for the current impass.

  2. Cal Says:

    who the fuck cares whose to blame? i don’t even live in ottawa anymore and hearing about oc transpo going on strike AGAIN is infuriating. the powers that be have got me bustin my balls doing a $20 an hour job for 13 bucks, and i can’t say shit except “i quit”. not even the fucking gov’t will step in because i work for a company that’s got one foot on the lawful side, but the other is used to push the pedal of slavery.

    so some asshat wants to pick his shifts, or wants ANOTHER raise (speaking of which i haven’t had one in two years – not even when minimum wage goes up) seriously how many times has the ottawa transportation system gone on strike in the past 10ish years? i can count at least 3. that’s fucked up.

    i know there’s always two sides to this kinda stuff, regardless of how shady, or penny pinching, the mayor or whoever makes the union strike. it just comes off as looking like a bunch of unappreciative bunch of milk spillin’ cry babies. especially the way things are financially lately. get that sand outta yer vagina and get back to fuckin work.

    fuck fuck fuck, now i feel like kicking puppies and backhanding babies. arrrghhh!

  3. thekenji Says:

    Strike is still going eh… Ottawa needs to rise up and scream… “THIS IS SPARTA!!!”

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