“Technical T & A”



Q- So, this is Mr. Valliant’s weblog, why do we sometimes see posts from engtech?

A- I am the technical advisor.


Q- You mean sidekick?

A- No, I am not a sidekick. If anything, I’m the visionary. I was the one who was always saying “You soooo crazy, you should put that on the internet. The internet needs more crazy.” I’m also the moral support when he asks me why people send him those hateful, hateful anti-fan letters.


Q- That totally sounds like what a sidekick does.

A- Well, it’s not. I just help the transition between his thoughts and the cool digital glow of black on white.


Q- How do we know you aren’t the really the same person and this isn’t some pseudonym to protect your identity?

A- Typos.




Q- What technical issues exactly do you handle? Isn’t there an entire team of developers, sysadmins and support personnel already handling technical issues because this is hosted on wordpress.com?

A- I know that, and you know that, but does he know that?


Q- Look carefully at this picture, and tell us which dog are you?

Spike and Chester

A- I am not a sidekick, if anything I am a visionary and spiritual leader!


Q- But do you *do* anything other than add self-promotional links to your own website?



Q- Hello? Is this thing on?



Q- engtech, are you there?

A- I am not a sidekick!

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