Q: So, who are you and what do you do on Beats Entropy?

A: Well I’m w()rmwood, and I write prose, rants and other maligning texts on the site.

Q: w()rmwood?

A: Yes, that’s my handle. I’ve been using that online for almost 15 years.

Q: Dude, that is so geigh!

A: ….

Q: What? That name is geigh, its not my fault. Do you live in your parents’ basement?

A: Upon reflection I have decided not to stab you, suffice it to say I do not agree with your use of the term ‘geigh.’ And no, I do not live in my parents basement.

Q: Hmm.. Ok, well no need for hostility. Shall we continue?

A: Sure.

Q: So if AJ is the fearless leader, and Engtech is the sidekick, what does that make you?

A: AJ is indeed the site’s fearless leader. However, Engtech is not a sidekick, he’s more of a flying jump kick really. As for me, I really dug the site and was very happy to join up and contribute.

Q: So you’re just basically a cross between a groupie and a parasite.

A: Pardon me?

Q: Nevermind, next question. How would you describe what you bring to Beats Entropy?

A: Well, I’m an academic, an amateur philosopher and artist, and just generally spend far too much time thinking about things. I guess I’d like to consider myself as contributing some unique philosophical content to the site.

Q: You mean intellectual masturbation.

A: I guess you could call it that. But I think about it as providing mental stimulation to anyone who wants to read my posts. I like to engage with people, and to disrupt social ‘truths’ whenever possible.

Q: Oh, my mistake. So its more intellectual diddling, than masturbation.

A: I fucking hate you.

Q: Ah, but as you’re writing both the Q’s and the A’s … I dont really exist. In fact this whole Q&A section is just a thinly veiled ploy to talk about yourself. I’m not the issue at all, I dont exist. Hating me, means you hate yourself. How pathetic is that!

A: *softly weeping*


One Response to “Way of the Worm”

  1. Rox Says:

    This made me laugh, in a dark scary way… yet still gleeful.

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